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High Hedges

Scothedge is a voluntary lobby Group

  • Scothedge was set up 14 years ago by Pam and Jim McDougall.

  • With the help of Derek Park, Colin Watson, Scothedge Members and MSPs, The High Hedges Act (Scotland) 2013 became law in 2013.                 

  • Guidelines associated with the Act were published in April 2014.

  • Every Local Authority in Scotland will have its own set of guidelines. These are normally available on their website.  Included within the guidelines should be details of the cost associated with the council undertaking a High Hedge review, the application for this process should also be available on line.

  • It is important BEFORE making an application that you have followed the procedures laid out in the guidelines. 

  • If you want help with your application or would like to to discuss your application please contact us.